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In today’s complex and volatile global economy, the CFO’s role has changed. Traditionally, the CFO managed risk, ensured regulatory compliance, and strived to maximize profit. Volatility in macroeconomics has expanded the CFO’s role into areas well beyond financial risk management and compliance. For the office of the CFO, this means creating insights from the increasing volumes of data flowing across the enterprise; addressing stakeholders’ growing demand for access to the right information at the right time to make the right decisions; and creating an agile organization to support changing demands and needs through innovative technologies and techniques. In addition to safeguarding the fiduciary well-being of the organization, the CFO now commonly serves the CEO in a greater advisory capacity, supporting strategic planning and execution. These changes call for a flexible, transparent finance model that makes it easier to respond to stakeholders, capitalizes on the growth opportunities, minimizes risk, and achieves tangible results with a greater degree of certainty.

How we can help

Centennial helps clients strategize and design new and enhanced operating models across multiple processes and functions into meaningful end-to-end services which focus on achieving business outcomes.

We strike the right balance between protecting the enterprise and enabling efficiency, agility, and profitable growth. Our clients rely on Centennial for pragmatic solutions, reimagine risk to uncover strategic opportunities, unleash innovation, remediate deficiencies, and enhance operations.

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