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As businesses transform their IT systems, they are increasingly finding that the ideal digital experience must also be a more human experience. The agencies that embark on IT modernization programs must put the customer above all other considerations. As such, Technology innovation is key to a transformation strategy. We help you explore emerging and proven technologies to enable transformation, develop approaches, and provide evaluation and implementation support in these critical areas.

Centennial specializes in emerging technologies that position agencies and corporations as leaders in their respective fields by providing them with the tools and means to leapfrog their competition. As many organizations try to catch up with the latest innovations, we believe it is vital to anticipate and lay out the groundwork for the adoption to provide the best solution with the best value. By combining building blocks for a specific use case, we design custom solutions and, as patterns emerge through subsequent use cases, develop reusable solutions, creating an environment of ongoing innovation and improvement.

Our Emerging Technologies Lab specializes in the four leading-edge technologies that we believe will have the most significant impact over the next decade on your business and mission: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Advanced Analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our AI experts augment RPA to replicate human actions and enable better decisions using machine learning algorithms. Our expert data analysts evaluate and consider emerging technologies such as predictive, prescriptive, and augmented solutions to realize benefits from data insights. As we have done for so many of our commercial and federal clients, we can help you achieve a fast ROI by implementing bots for your key business processes. This enables your talented staff free from many elementary functions, thereby focusing more time on critical analysis and decision-making.

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